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'Jewellery tells a story without even a single word - A Non-Verbal Communication Of Style' - Michael Rosey West

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Malhaar Choker SetMalhaar Choker Set
Malhaar Choker Set Sale priceRs. 49,500.00
Farida Choker SetFarida Choker Set
Farida Choker Set Sale priceRs. 51,620.00
Navi Necklace SetNavi Necklace Set
Navi Necklace Set Sale priceRs. 78,650.00
Mirza Necklace SetMirza Necklace Set
Mirza Necklace Set Sale priceRs. 70,587.00
Ranchi ChaandbalisRanchi Chaandbalis
Ranchi Chaandbalis Sale priceRs. 26,240.00
Aashvi Passa EarringsAashvi Passa Earrings
Aashvi Passa Earrings Sale priceRs. 19,760.00
Mirza KadaMirza Kada
Mirza Kada Sale priceRs. 37,100.00
Sahara RingSahara Ring
Sahara Ring Sale priceRs. 14,875.00
Sarika TeekaSarika Teeka
Sarika Teeka Sale priceRs. 18,360.00
Aarya NecklaceAarya Necklace
Aarya Necklace Sale priceRs. 36,450.00
Lavanya NecklaceLavanya Necklace
Lavanya Necklace Sale priceRs. 34,740.00
Savanya ChokerSavanya Choker
Savanya Choker Sale priceRs. 40,500.00
Bela ChokerBela Choker
Bela Choker Sale priceRs. 29,400.00
Saumya NecklaceSaumya Necklace
Saumya Necklace Sale priceRs. 50,500.00
Jivika KadaJivika Kada
Jivika Kada Sale priceRs. 25,120.00
Lakshmi KadaLakshmi Kada
Lakshmi Kada Sale priceRs. 39,600.00
Nirvi HaarNirvi Haar
Nirvi Haar Sale priceRs. 54,080.00
Prachi ChokerPrachi Choker
Prachi Choker Sale priceRs. 44,950.00
Gulabi EarringsGulabi Earrings
Gulabi Earrings Sale priceRs. 20,000.00
Gulabi RingGulabi Ring
Gulabi Ring Sale priceRs. 10,000.00
Dor BraceletDor Bracelet
Dor Bracelet Sale priceRs. 28,840.00
Dhwani KadaDhwani Kada
Dhwani Kada Sale priceRs. 28,840.00
Akshita KadaAkshita Kada
Akshita Kada Sale priceRs. 38,610.00
Avantika KadaAvantika Kada
Avantika Kada Sale priceRs. 34,580.00
Nupur KadaNupur Kada
Nupur Kada Sale priceRs. 30,680.00
Yukti KadaYukti Kada
Yukti Kada Sale priceRs. 35,000.00
Urvashi KadaUrvashi Kada
Urvashi Kada Sale priceRs. 38,640.00
Ayat NecklaceAyat Necklace
Ayat Necklace Sale priceRs. 37,920.00
Navratna Pendant SetNavratna Pendant Set
Navratna Pendant Set Sale priceRs. 60,580.00
Jade RingJade Ring
Jade Ring Sale priceRs. 7,590.00
Nazia RingNazia Ring
Nazia Ring Sale priceRs. 11,440.00
Miraya RingMiraya Ring
Miraya Ring Sale priceRs. 9,550.00
Sitaara RingSitaara Ring
Sitaara Ring Sale priceRs. 9,100.00
Bela KadaBela Kada
Bela Kada Sale priceRs. 23,680.00
Roza KadaRoza Kada
Roza Kada Sale priceRs. 24,150.00
Billaur KadaBillaur Kada
Billaur Kada Sale priceRs. 39,150.00
Neelkamal KadaNeelkamal Kada
Neelkamal Kada Sale priceRs. 26,240.00
Miraya Ear StudsMiraya Ear Studs
Miraya Ear Studs Sale priceRs. 17,250.00
Roza Ear StudsRoza Ear Studs
Roza Ear Studs Sale priceRs. 17,450.00
Zeenat JhumkisZeenat Jhumkis
Zeenat Jhumkis Sale priceRs. 22,740.00
Nazia Ear StudsNazia Ear Studs
Nazia Ear Studs Sale priceRs. 21,450.00
Gulnaaz NecklaceGulnaaz Necklace
Gulnaaz Necklace Sale priceRs. 40,600.00
Zeenat ChokerZeenat Choker
Zeenat Choker Sale priceRs. 26,950.00
Neelambari Necklace SetNeelambari Necklace Set
Neelambari Necklace Set Sale priceRs. 40,630.00
Jhallar NecklaceJhallar Necklace
Jhallar Necklace Sale priceRs. 44,280.00
Kaveri ChokerKaveri Choker
Kaveri Choker Sale priceRs. 35,820.00
Roza ChokerRoza Choker
Roza Choker Sale priceRs. 37,800.00
Neelkamal ChokerNeelkamal Choker
Neelkamal Choker Sale priceRs. 28,500.00