हसरत | HASRAT

Misri By Meghna Nayyar brings to you

'हसरत| HASRAT' ~ Celebratory hues and dainty details make this a perfect collection to revel in for the upcoming wedding season

आफरीन ∼ AAFREEN

अमाया | AMAAYA

Signature Styles & Fine Hues makes this a Perfect Collection crafted for you!




Misri is an idea that came to life a decade back!  With two designers on board, & a ethereal curation later- Misri by Meghna Nayyar got recognition through exhibitions & loyalists. This idea is an extension to Founder & Creative Head- Meghna Nayyar’s passion for Indian clothing.

With a strong & in-depth understanding of her clients - Meghna Nayyar curates a distinctive collection each year with 7-8 homegrown designers from different parts of India.  It gives the designers an equal opportunity to tap the unknown markets & for Misri to provide its clientele a unique & fresh take each time. Misri is also known for its pop-up’s every half a year - A thoughtfully curated Spring/Summer & Festive Pop-Up. With promising sales each passing year, and with the idea of promoting traditional roots.   Misri by Meghna Nayyar is here to stay & curate perfection every season with its new finds.